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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Denmark Twins Silas & Annabelle Born In Two Different Years Within Minutes Apart Turn One

Denmark Twins Silas and Annabelle, who made headlines last year for being born in two different years regardless of being delivered minutes apart turned one. They celebrated their first birthdays on new year's eve. Both were born in Esbjerg hospital Denmark, with Silas being delivered shortly before midnight in 2015 and Annabelle just after the clock had struck midnight to welcome 2016 and were nine weeks early. They later spent the next four weeks in intensive care fighting for their lives. Full post after cut........................

But one year on, the tots are thriving and celebrated their first birthdays together with their family. Their parents, Erika and Günther Eckhard, from Austria, say the eventful New Year's Eve is one they will remember for the rest of their lives. "Our little sunbeams are developing beautifully, there are no problems with their health, nor are there any developmental issues. They are brilliant at turning the whole house upside down, which is great for us!" said their father Günther. The family celebrated the babies’ birthdays together on New Year's Eve and gave them each a rocking horse.

Mum Erika said: "As long as they are so small, it's not important. But when they get a little older, we think we will celebrate on separate days to give them their own birthday"

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