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Monday, November 14, 2016

Did Madonna’s Hand In The Picture Below Give Away Her Age Compared to Her Face?

In showing off her collection of rings, Madonna was ultimately unable to disguise her age while watching the UFC fight in New York this weekend, as she revealed her ageing hands. The pop icon is 58 years old but her face looks 38 and can even pass for 28. She raised her hands during Irish fighter Conor McGregor's historic victory, only to reveal how wrinkled they have become over the years. Full post after cut................

She was joined by a host of celebrities at the lightweight title contest at Madison Square Gardens, including Wolverine star Hugh Jackman, who unusually had headphones around his neck. With her embellished biker jacket, flawless make-up and elaborate jewellery, she looked a fraction of her age at least at first glance.

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