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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Omg! Spanish Reality Star Yola Berrocal, Angrily Storms Off TV Show After The Host Accidentally Exposed Her Entire Breast

Yola Berrocal, a popular Spanish reality show star got angry and stormed off a TV show after the host pulled down her dress and exposed her entire breast.
The TV star – once known for having the biggest boobs in Spain – was making an appearance on a live TV show in her native country when the gaffe happened.
As she was chatting to the host of the talk show, he stuck out his hand and caught the edge of her dress.

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As he gestured, Yola’s dress was pulled down, leaving her exposed.
Her entire left boob was revealed for a number of seconds before Yola managed to hoist her dress back up.
She was so shocked by the horrendous moment that she stormed off set – after attempting to cover screens showing a replay of the nip slip.
A clip of the dramatic boob flashing has been gaining popularity after being shared online.
It has been viewed more than 2.3 million times.
According to reports, Yola, who lives in Marbella, Costa del Sol, was a finalist in the Spanish version of Survivor – which sees a group of strangers marooned in an isolated location.
Many viewers were in support of the star – often referred to as “Spain’s s*x-bomb” – after the incident.
One said: “Personally I respect and support her because she tried to keep her honour.
“I don’t respect the other people in this studio.”
Another commented: “What he did wasn’t funny, if she had belted him one he’d have deserved it.”

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