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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ray J Now Under Investigation By The Secret Service For His DM To Obama’s Daughter

Malia Obama had everyone talking last week when she was caught on tape twerking at Lallapalooza in Chicago. My guess is that Reality TV star Ray J also saw the clip like every other guy but as a guy with hot pants, he jumped into action right away trying to get the attention of the kid. Not too fast brother, don't mess with the president's daughter because you will be caught. So according to several reports online, Ray J got a call from the Secret Service this week for the shady behaviour. It says that Ray tried to slide into Malia’s DMs after seeing the video and thought he could holler. Full post after cut....................

Ray J, you don’t just DM the President’s daughter knuckle head, she’s underage! The DMs were discovered after the NSA found some of Ray J’s message in Malia’s inbox. Malia, who receives thousands of messages every day has every single communication combed through, and apparently Ray J’s stood out.

While the nature of the messages was not revealed, sources say he did get a call from authorities telling him to stop or face serious consequences. Neither the White House nor Ray J has chosen to publicly speak on the incident as of yet, but stay tune as more details emerge.

The reports, may cause extra drama in Ray J’s life, as he is supposed to be getting married in the near future, and reports of DM's, especially to the President’s daughter could cause big drama. Ray J is most famous for starring in a sex tape with Reality Star Kim Kardashian and he has a reputation for sleeping with a lot of women.. Since then he has gone on to star in reality Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

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