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Saturday, August 6, 2016

I Smell Wedding In The Air... Kevin Hart Set To Tie The Knot With Eniko Parrish On Monday

Some people believe in love, while others simply believe love doesn’t exist , which is a lie of cause but it is rare to rely find ones true love, But when you do find that one person that makes you happy and smile ,gives you heart ache anytime you think you’re going to lose them, then you know you’ve the right person and that person is the perfect one for you , Even though the person drives you completely crazy just get with the program because last time I checked that was what love was all about. Actor / Comedian Kevin Hart, 37, is about to wed. Kevin and his fiancĂ© Eniko Parrish will tie the knot on Monday after a two-year engagement, he told Yahoo on Friday. Full post after cut................

Kevin proposed to Parrish on her 30th birthday back in August 2014 when he asked the 30yr old to be his bride. Hart previously commented on his Aug. 8 wedding date when the couple first booked it. “That's right, ladies. I've got to put this chocolate in the freezer,” he joked to Entertainment Tonight. Parrish had her bridal shower back in June, sharing a snap alongside several of her closest female friends to Instagram. It’s unclear where the couple will be getting married, but the pair lives together in Los Angeles.

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