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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bobbi Kristina in Mismatched shoes, denies its drug effects

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A new disturbing picture of Bobbi Kristina is on the internet, and again she took to twitter to dismiss it as a “false” representation of her. Bobbi Kristina, 21, the only child of late singer Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown reportedly started drugs shortly after her mother suffered a cocaine-related death in 2012. A picture that was tweeted earlier this week with her face in it that became viral earlier this week and it seems to suggest the young lady is still using it, as the photo in this post sported mismatched shoes and ratted hair. But Bobbi Kristina seems to have dismissed the legitimacy of this image, claiming it is completely Photoshopped. “Oh god by the picture! I swear I thought it was someone that I cared didn't like me ? Lmao oh no #STOPwithfaulseTwitpics ! Lmao😊,” she wrote.

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